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For group of friends, couples, families, swimmers, surfers and corporate groups.

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Personalized journeys into astonishing Noronha’s nature, always developed from the participants’ level, including Hawaiian canoeing, artistic photos in and outside the water, bodysurfing (the evolution of “pegar jacaré” – amateur bodysurf), aquatic skills for beginners, free-dive-snorkel-apnea (underwater slide, seizing the water and current movements), “fish swimming” style (imitates dolphins, providing more speed and flow) and the traditional surf class with boards.

In addition to that, it brings a series of out-of-the-water activities such as static and dynamic meditation, breathing exercises, warm-ups and stretching with yoga techniques, natural gymnastic, inspiring conversations, life coach and healthy eating.   


May 2 to 5, 2019

for sea lovers, beginners, intermediate and advanced.

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Course in its 12th edition. Throughout it, you will overcome your fears, improve your relationship with water and surf your own life’s wave (16 vacancies available). Without another word, it is one of the happiest moments for the facilitators Henrique Pistilli, Fabi Pereira and Lucas Nelli. You can’t miss out this nearly mystical and magic experience in the relationship with Noronha and its astonishing nature! We suggest that participants stay over for at least 2-5 days after the course so they can enjoy the island together!



January 17 to 20, 2019

for surfers and swimmers at intermediate and advanced level

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Intensive 4-day course with 4 hours/day course load. The program is focused on physical activities in and outside the water, including apnea, bodysurf, functional, individualized technical and tactical training (with shooting and video analysis), driving the participant to explore their limits for a better conditioning and performance into the water environment. Including photography and professional shooting of your waves. We suggest that participants stay over for at least 3-10 days after the course so they can enjoy the waves and the trip!

1st SEASON of Self-knowledge into Nature - INDONÉSIA

June, 2019

for sea and meditation lovers, surfers and swimmers from all levels.

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SEA IS THE MASTER: pursuing the spirit of water. Choose from 15 to 30 days at PuriAsuResort, Indonesia. Come to merge yourself with your nature into a 15 to 30-day journey that will change your relationship with Water, Nature and Life. You don’t need to know how to surf but if you do, you will get the best waves of your life, with no crowd. PRACTICES IN AND OUT OF WATER: Life Coach & Sea Coach with the Fish Method. Sea breathing and Guided Mediation. Aquatic skills, Diving and Fish Swimming. Anthroposophy and the Science of Nature. Deep, soft and light conversations. Free time, Lual and Fun. SURF TRAINING FOR ADVANCED: 1 to 2 surprising “paddle-out” every day. Sea Coach Individualized Performance. Functional of Aquatic skills on the ball (*for everyone).
The island of ASU has 100 inhabitants. Located in the north of Sumatra and outside Nias, it is part of the most distant island grouping in Indonesia, which constantly provides good and perfect waves during most of the year, with no crowd. “Now with the Puri Asu Resort, we have an outstanding structure of accommodation, food and boats that provide the dream surf trip. Today, ASU is the most important point of the world for me to train and improve my bodysurf in strong and perfect waves”, says Pistilli.



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